The use of screw piles began in the eighteenth century, but as science and technology progressed, the material used for manufacturing improved, and so did the screws ability to hold tension. Even in modern constructions, builders require foundations made of screws as they are strong and reliable. The change perhaps has been the fact that now a day not only is it required in construction of light houses but also in numerous other sectors. Many industries opt for screw foundations as they bring along numerous benefits, some of which include: the low impact on environment, and the fact that they are affordable as compared to other means. 

Having a foundation that is screwed means that the site need not to be cleared of soil, which in turn means that there  will be less transportation of loose soil to elsewhere, which consequently saves up on the transportation cost as well as carbon footprint. In addition to this, if you have the foundation at your site screwed, then your project will be completed in less time, it will be easy to install and access and also to remove, once the construction is complete. Having a foundation that is secure also means that the workforce that is employed for the project is safe while working.

So if you live in Australia, and you want to have a screw foundation for your building, then all you need to do is contact the team at Ground Control Management. They are the contractors in Sydney that have been rendering services since the year 1995. In addition to screw piers, they also have concrete piers and other accessories for anchoring the system. What makes them the experts in town is the fact that they cover these three factors: time, money and environment. So once you chose them for screw foundations, then be assured that you are in safe hands.

Some of the applications for screw foundation are construction of residential and commercial buildings, construction of swimming pools and houses or even if you plan to extend your existing living space. They have experience of over two decades in construction and therefore are aware of all the laws and regulations in Australia. The best part is that the team does not indulge in any shortcuts as they believe that high quality work should be delivered to customers no matter what.

Some of the projects they have worked in the past include: a mine site, a walkway in New South Wales and a school in Victoria among many others. In Western Australia, they transformed a desert such that it became a mining site for more than five hundred people, and what they used while construction was screw foundation. Similarly, in Victoria a school required extension as the student body had increased in size, for that also Ground control Management comes to the rescue. For more details regarding how thy do so, you can contact them by calling at the following number: 0410 528 000.