• 31 May 2022

Importance Of Alterations In Wedding


The most unexpected and chaotic condition that can ruin your wedding moments is the matter of the wedding dress. Think of a dress that’s too loose or tight or too long, it’s definitely not going to be your choice on that special day. At this point, the editing of the wedding dress becomes important. Common alterations required in Auckland are sometimes:

  1. Hem Alterations

The elegance of a wedding dress depends on several factors and one of them is the appropriate length of the dress. Just as being too short can seem awkward, so too does an extra-long skirt. Contour shortening is often necessary in the latter case. The cost of a trim alterations depends on a number of factors such as layers added to the garment, extra lace and fabric. It is important to keep in mind the latest dress trends, as this also determines the exact length.

  1. Buckles and Buttons

To keep the garment in perfect position and ensure a perfect fit, the selection, location and size of buttons and buckles is very important. Try on the outfits a few days before the actual event so you can change the buckles if they don’t work the way you want them to.

  1. Fits hip and waist

 Everyone has different body measurements. It’s hard to imagine that a dress that fits one person will elegantly fit another. It’s the side seam that can do wonders. The dress is perfect if it fits perfectly, especially at the waist and around the bust. Therefore, it is very important to alterations this part of the outfit as long as the garment is too loose or too tight in this part.


 Time can be the biggest enemy of mishaps that happen close to the wedding time. Often, brides have bad luck and because of the fear of not having a dress, they choose a dress first that they can get their hands on. So for those women we are here to save the wedding day and fix their time in the shortest amount of time so she will settle for nothing less and wear something that is ball gowns she will feel exactly the way she wants. Our team of professionals is always ready and suitable to do the job for you. Come with us; whether it’s a bridal ball gowns in Auckland or if you’re a maid and want your dress repaired, come see us. We assure you that your job will be completed on time.