• 16 February 2022

Key-Dee Provide You Non-stop Entertainment

stage hire

Kay-Dee Promotions Help Bring Non-Stop Fun and Entertainment! Did you had any idea about that significant entertainment lifts are presently accessible in Queensland? On account of Kay-Dee stage hire.

Presently you can have some good times and exertion. They offer grim rushes and adrenaline siphoning entertainment lifts for the two children and grown-ups. Teen’s a brief look at a portion of the exhilaration rides for novitiate.

 With a stunning highness of 12 m up in the air, this caravan semi-mounted lift is a treat to watch. Event hire Brisbane begins as a near twist, step by step earnings in power and elevation, giving riders a sensational and critical experience. This settles on it a veritably notorious decision with our guests. This lift obliges 24 grown-ups or 36 children at the same time.

 Guard/ Dodgem Buses

 In fact stage hire consume and siphon exertion is your thing, our guard or Dodgem vehicles will be your ideal decision. Each of the rider needs is a solitary ticket with seating for two.


 Get on the lift of your life as it precipitously gets a move on to transfigure into what its name connotes, a total SIZZLER in each sense. It can oblige 24 grown-ups or 36 children all the while to guarantee a vital time for everybody.

 Goliath Chairs

 With respects to exhilaration lifts matriculate you cannot turn out poorly with Giant Chairs. A continuing top pick, this lift twists and spins for an unmatched fun. We’ve a group of set individualities to regulate its working for your total security and delight. These are only a couple of the lift choices accessible for you. With Kay-Dee stage hire, the fun will not ever end. So what is taking you so long? Bespeak a comber coaster with us now!

  • Children’s Amusement Rides
  • Land Train
  • Crocodile Jumping Castle
  • Merry go round
  • Moving Donald’s
  • Helicopter Ball Hole
  • Octopus Ball Hole


 Around then at event hire in Brisbane every one of our lifts have security preventative measures and any limitations posted plainly going back and forth of each lift with the thing that the member is tutored with respects to the lift. During the week when our lifts aren’t being used each lift is extensively minced down at our Factory by a Good Handyperson, where we fix mechanical issues, carry out plan advancements, and work on lift beauty care products.

Security is our main solicitude at Kay Dee stage hire so you can have the piece of brain while riding our lifts that they’re maintained in amazing working control. Kindly see the downloadable pdf for a full rundown of our lift Height Conditions.