• 25 February 2020

Popular Types Of Coffee

Coffee is a popular drink. From the darkest to the lightest there is a wide range of coffee available in the market. The coffee lovers can choose any of these options as per his personal preference. The popular types of coffee beans in Hobart in the market are as follows: 

 Espresso is the most popular type of coffee that is used by almost every coffee lover. This dark roasted coffee has a strong aroma and taste. What distinguishes it from other kinds of coffee is the foamy golden brown cream at the top. Due to this thick cream the sugar keeps floating on the surface and takes time to completely settle down in the cup of coffee. Espresso is the signature ingredient in the cappuccino. 


  • Cappuccino is the second most popular type of coffee on the list. It won’t be wrong to say that it is the staple kind of coffee for the coffee lovers. Cappuccino is a rich mix of espresso and milk. It is a very sophisticated beverage that is used in several formal gatherings and meetings. Besides taking the hot cup the iced version of cappuccino is equally popular. It is a great choice to start the day or stay fresh despite a hectic routine.
  • Americano is often suggested by many coffee freaks. Just add one shot of espresso to boiling hot water. It can be then transformed into a creamy perfection. It activates all the energy in the body and allows you to do great job after a cup of Americano. It can also be taken in both cold and hot versions. 
  • Caffe Latte is the choice of those who want the true flavours o coffee but in a lighter version. In a single cup of the caffe latte all you need is a single shot of espresso. This single shot is then mixed with steamed milk that is three times more than the coffee mix. The sweetness level can be selected as you like. It is taken hot and there is no cold version of this type of coffee. 
  • Caf au Lait is a traditional French coffee. It has many of the features that are similar to the caffe latte but it has a distinct flavour and appearance of its own. In this type the coffee are used. The ratio of the beans and the steamed milk is 1:1. It is lighter version of the caffe latte. 


Mocha coffee is another favourite version made with the coffee syrup. It has a number of variations.