• 27 April 2020

Taking Care Of Marble Benchtops

Marble has an absorbent surface and it absorbs everything that comes in interaction with it. If you drop a glass of juice or any other liquid on the surface, it will be absorbed by the marble benchtop and it will ruin its beauty. Its surface shine will start getting dim and the stains will start to appear on it with fall of every liquid on it. To keep your marble benchtop, you will be needing to do additional care and cleaning. An additional hand of scrubbing may clean the stains on marble.

Here are some tips to take care of the granite overlay benchtops.

The cleaning agent:

You cannot clean marble benchtop with all kinds of detergents and cleaning agents. If you choose a wrong agent it will be more defecting the marble than any other thing. When you are purchasing an agent always read that if it can be used on marble. There are some cleaning agents that are specified for marble benchtops, you can purchase that one.  Marble is sensitive material. If you will clean it with a wrong agent, it will damage its surface. The cleaning agent must not have ammonia and hydrogen peroxide as both of them damage marble surface. Some people use dishwashing liquids to clean their marble benchtops. They are another reason for the damage of marble surface so never use dishwashing liquid to clean the caesarstone benchtops in Melbourne.

Using warm water:

When you are cleaning the marble benchtop in your kitchen, damp your scrubbing cloth in a warm water. It will help clean the dirt specifically the oil or grease can be cleaned out easily by using a warm water scrubbing. It will also make it easier to rinse the stains from the marble with the help of warm water scrubbing.

Regular cleaning:

Avoid letting the dirt set on marble benchtop for a long time. This will permanently make the surface of marble dull. Instead of doing this, keep cleaning the surface regularly. It anything falls on to the surface, clean it immediately with warm water. Doing this practice in routine will your marble shine forever.

Use annual sealants:

To increase the life of your marble, use yearly sealants application on your marble benchtop. This will work as a barrier in between the dirt and the surface of marble keeping it safe for years. If you take a cleaning treatment by professionals will not only give it a shine of other levels but it will increase its life.

Precautionary measures:

Last but not the least, taking precautionary measures will be a better choice instead of taking cleaning treatments. Instead of applying remedies for the scratches and stains later, try to avoid those things that can damage the top. Avoid keeping stoves and hot plates near marble, it damages the surface.         Try to avoid chopping on marble directly, it will remain scratches on the surface.

By taking simple steps you can keep your kitchen new and shining forever.