Top Three Best Rated Commercial Fencing Options

17 February 2020 Off By Charlie Carr

Protecting your property and the premises you own is your right, and your duty as well. With the current situation where crime rate in day by day increasing and trespassing is common, one has to take important precautionary measures to protect and safeguard its property. With large commercial setups and buildings, it is especially difficult as the area is large and protecting it from four sides seems impossible. One solution that is perfect for such buildings and establishments is going for commercial fencing. For places that have high footfall and are open to the public such as hospitals, schools, parks, offices etc. commercial fencing is deemed as a must.  There are private companies that specialize in providing security and protection to its customers. They also provide the option of commercial fencing that is completely safe and secure. Commercial fencing is quite different from home fencing as the coverage area is very vast and a heavy-duty non-penetrable material is used. It should be only installed by the experts and then passed through various security tests to make sure that it provides complete protection.

If you thinking of getting commercial fencing for your buildings then searching up the experts and meeting them is the very first step. They can give an estimate of the cost after you decide what kind of fence you would like to get installed. Mainly there are three most top rated kinds of fences that are used commercially and they are mentioned below.

  • Chain-link fence

This is the most common type of commercial fencing that all of us must have seen somewhere. It is made of inter-linked steel chains that are treated to be on their full strength. This type of fence is deemed very secure as it provides protection and a sense of boundary. Although the inside of the premises is visible from outside still it does serve its purpose. Apart from hard cut steel, you can also go for stainless steel or coloured steel as per your desire.

  • Wood fence

The wood fence is another very popular type of fence that is preferred on a commercial level. These fences are very beautiful to look at as they can be stained in various wood colours. For fewer areas, you can also ought for carved wood as it looks exquisite. It surely will add up to the cost but the end result will be very attractive. This kind of commercial fencing is recommended to hotels, restaurants and places related to the hospitality industry.

  • Concrete fence

For places that are in the red zone and highly important, concrete fencing in Gold Coast is recommended on a commercial level. They provide a very high level of security while also blocking the view from inside. This type of commercial fence is recommended to place like embassies, government offices, hospitals etc. This option is a bit expensive as compared to the above two but also provides the highest level of protection.