• 12 April 2022

Types Of Bathroom Tilers With Their Advantages


In your home, two areas attract your visitor’s attention, the kitchen, and the bathroom. For this purpose, people go for bathroom renovations. In bathrooms, you can install tiles. It is the best choice because you can invest once and enjoy its long-term advantages.

Bathroom renovations in Melbourne Northern Suburbs are not easy to perform. You have to spend a handsome amount. If you want to secure your investment, select the tiles. They are better in various ways. Here, we will list some best tiles that enhance the beauty of the bathrooms. We will also shower light on the advantages of the respective tiles.

Some best tiles for bathroom renovations along with their benefits:

In the market, you can get various types of bathroom tilers. But which one you have selected depends on your choice and investment. So, here we have a look at some interesting titles that are better for renovations.

1. Ceramic tiles:

When we talk about bathroom renovations, then the best selection of tiles is ceramic tiles. They are better in various ways. It adjusts to the environment and gives a pleasing look to the bathroom. Hence, the best tiles.


Easy to install.

Variety of colours, sizes, and shapes.


Best for the bathroom floors and walls.

2. Porcelain tiles:

The second most popular bathroom tilers is porcelain. It is better to use in your bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The black texture of the tiles makes the bathroom look gorgeous.


Available in different styles, colours, and sizes.

Better in look.

Less expensive.

The owner can install the tiles themselves.

3. Glass tiles:

For the bathroom renovation, you can select the glass tiles. They give an amazing look to the bathroom. The cleaning of these tiles is easy to do. So, you do not have to fret about the cleaning.


Luxurious look.

Easy to clean.

Use on floors and walls.

4. Cement tiles:

Cement tiles are being used for centuries. They have a unique design and give a pleasing effect to the bathroom. However, this style is old but still appreciable. For bathroom renovations, it is the best choice. They are available at a reasonable price.



Available in different patterns and colours.

Resealed and sanded.

Easy to install.

5. Marble tiles:

In renovations, you can install marble tiles. They are good in appearance and give a stunning look to the bathroom. Hence, people list them as the best bathroom tiler.


Easy to install.

Pleasing look to the bathroom.

Resemble like a stone.

Hence, these are the few best tiles that people use in bathroom renovations. They give the best look to the bathrooms.